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I watch too much anime - Idiosyncrazies

About I watch too much anime

Previous Entry I watch too much anime Apr. 27th, 2004 @ 12:52 am Next Entry
Whatever higher power is up there is obviously havin' some fun at my expense. I really thought I was past this juncture of my life...where I let petty shit get to me, the big thin's slip by, and live my life in a perpetual mental fog. I have a doctor's appt...I'm considerin' askin' for zoloft. I don't...I just want somethin' new to be dependent on. I can't depend on ppl...who can trust them? Repeatedly bein' fucked over will make you bitter like that.

Damn, I just want to bury myself alive and sleep. I don't know what's wrong w/ me...lately, all I can think 'bout is bein' buried alive w/ an old victorian bell attached to my finger. If I keep gettin' this morbid, I'm not allowed to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 anymore.

I also play too many video games...okay..technically not too many...just two. Final Fantasy x and X-2...I'm tired..but I'm not tired. Okay, I think maybe I should definately get my ass some zoloft..no matter how the 'rentals react. I'm too close to goin' insane now. it's like bein' dragged behind a horse...you're already in a shitty situation, when a big rock comes along.

Since when does Cowboy Bebop look like the bastard child of The Animatrix? There couldn't have been another programmin' snafu...could there?

okay b/c I seem dedicated to makin' a meanderin' pile of crap (aka whatever's in my head...or rather, whatever's in my head and I can make sense of)...here's my partin' shot:

Names I'd name my kids if I had/ever have any
Xianghua Lunaeh

Okay..need sleep...need drugs...need weed...need sex...need peace...need sanity

For about the next 5 seconds I feel: crazyloco en la cabeza
Music to my ears: Music In My Head : Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
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